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Domestic violence is more common than you might realize. The CDC reports that 1 in 4 women and 1 and 7 men will experience physical violence at the hand of a partner during their lifetime. If you or someone you know has issues with violence, it’s important to know that the team at Behavioral Solutions of Texas can provide you with the help and counseling you need to turn these violent tendencies around. We are proud to offer Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) to those living in and around the Humble, TX, area.

What is BIPP?

This program provides our patients with everything they need to promote healthier relationships with their partners. Whether this has been court-appointed or you have decided on your own that your violent and aggressive behaviors are a problem, BIPP can help provide you with conflict-free resolutions to help you manage your negative and violent tendencies.

How does BIPP work?

This program is offered in a group format, and it’s a safe, welcoming, and judgment-free environment for individuals to share their concerns and issues with regard to their violent behavior. During these sessions, each individual in the group will share the relationship issues they’re experiencing and the group will provide guidance and support. This is a nurturing and understanding environment, and everyone is here to learn from each other and from our team of expert counselors. Sometimes homework is assigned at the end of the session. During the next session, we will go through what each individual has learned from the homework assignment.

Could I benefit from BIPP?

It’s important to recognize violent behaviors so you can get the help you need to form healthier intimate relationships. You could benefit from BIPP if you are,

  • Aggressive
  • Controlling
  • Physically harming your partner
  • Violent (e.g. punching walls; throwing phones)
  • Threatening harm on children, pets, or your partner
  • Limiting your partner’s interactions, money, and needs
  • Causing emotional abuse to your partner (making them feel worthless or ugly)
  • Dealing with sudden mood swings or personality changes
  • Lying regularly
  • Blaming your partner for your behaviors

If you are interested in learning more about our BIPP classes or how they can benefit you or someone you know, call Behavioral Solutions of Texas in Humble, TX, at (281) 713-9004.

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