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Texas CJAD Fully Accredited BIPP Group Programs
BEHAVIORAL SOLUTIONS OF TEXAS, LLC’s accredited BIPP group programs are your path to change to a
healthy form of communication. We have accredited/licensed counselors who are skilled facilitators. We
create a learning environment in which group participants work to identify and stop abusive behaviors
and begin healthier relationships for the future. Our goal is to assist in your personal growth.

Accredited BIPP Programs in Atascocita serving Liberty, Harris, and Montgomery counties.
BEHAVIORAL SOLUTIONS OF TEXAS, LLC’s accredited BIPP group program utilizes the STOP (David B.
Wexler) format and serves anyone who has been violent, abusive, or controlling in their intimate
relationships (whether physically, verbally, or emotionally).

What is useful about our educational group programs is we have tenured and experienced staff.
BEHAVIORAL SOLUTIONS OF TEXAS, LLC’s BIPP program is fully accredited in the state of Texas, and has
studied and approved by CJAD and is specifically designed to help husbands understand the impact on
relationships as well as fathers better understand the impact children through exposure to domestic

You can do this! You deserve a happy and healthy life and so does your family!

If you choose to join our accredited BIPP program, you will attend 18 sessions conducted weekly for 2
hours a week. State BIPP Guidelines require that all BIPP programs are a minimum of 18 weekly group
sessions (minimum 36 hours of group counseling), as well as an initial evaluation and orientation

We coordinate with the court system, CPS and your attorney (if you choose this option).
Provide thorough assessment based on ending violence and holding those who have been abusive
accountable for their violence or other abusive behaviors
Develop an individualized plan for each participant in order to make additional referrals as needed for
appropriate services such as substance abuse, mental health issues, etc.
Provide ongoing communication through entrance, exit, and monthly progress reports to the referral
source, e.g. courts, probation, parole.
The cost of BIPP Services $75 Per Intake $35 Per (2 Hour) Group Session. 36 Total Group Hours required (18 Sessions)

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