• Could Therapy Help Me?
    Do you feel harmful to yourself or others? Are intrusive thoughts taking over, leading to drastic behavioral changes in you or someone you know? Therapy offers a safe space devoted Read more
  • Benefits of Adolescent and Family Therapy
    How your mental health professional in Humble, TX, can help your family The adolescent years can be stressful. Puberty, changing schools, relationships, moving, and other life events can combine to make Read more
  • What Are BIPP Classes?
    You may not realize how common domestic violence is and that there are ways to correct violent tendencies that affect your relationships. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program, also known as Read more
  • ADHD Signs and Symptoms
    ADHD testing can help determine if your child truly has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If so, a treatment plan can be developed to help your child manage ADHD behaviors, such Read more
  • What Is a Psychotherapist?
    If you’re looking for a talented and committed psychotherapist in Humble, TX, the team of experts at Behavioral Solutions of Texas is ready, able, and excited to help. What is a Read more
  • ADHD Testing
    If you feel like you're having difficulty concentrating, or you can't seem to unwind and relax, you might be suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. To find out if you suffer Read more

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