What can you expect when you call us?

We return calls within 24 hours on weekends by Monday. Detailed messages are appreciated.

The initial consultation is free and generally involves filling out a brief initial client contact form and meeting with the therapist to discuss your goals and lay out a plan for helping you reach them.

If Behavioral Solutions of Texas is a fit for you–

You’ll decide on a time that fits your schedule.

You’ll discuss payment, copay, insurance. Sliding scales are available if you don’t have insurance.

Sliding scale means just that – we’ll review our predetermined sliding scale with you and see what you’re able to pay.

In some situations, a psychological evaluation may be scheduled, and this will also be on a sliding scale.

What happens in therapy?

Usually individual sessions will be a part of the Treatment Plan. This is your time to receive support and do the work of therapy.

Individual Sessions last either 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on the treatment goals you and your Therapist agree upon.

You will usually be the pace setter. Your therapist’s job should be one of gently guiding you toward the goal you’ve established

What if I need or want Group Therapy?

Groups tend to have a starting and stopping point. The therapist may suggest group therapy as a supplement to your individual sessions.

Groups take on personalities, and this can be a really good way to deal with relational issues.

If you think this is something you’re interested in, just ask your therapist. We’ll be happy to discuss options with you.

When will it get better?

The short answer is: When you let it!

Therapy is not the magical pill we all wish we could find. It’s a process of empowerment and everyone’s response to treatment varies. Your experience will depend on the goals you’ve established for yourself and how you show up in your sessions.

Make sure you are aware of your goals and communicate them to your therapist.

How Much Will Therapy Cost?

The regular fee for a standard 50-minute session of individual psychotherapy is $125 per 50-minute session.

Are Reduced Rates Available?

Full-time students, seniors or persons with a financial hardship may request services at a sliding scale. Services available at a reduced rate are limited and clients may be declined the reduced rate.

When Is Payment Due?

Payment is due at the beginning of each session unless prior arrangements have been made.

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