ADHD Testing

If you feel like you're having difficulty concentrating, or you can't seem to unwind and relax, you might be suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. To find out if you suffer from this common disorder, schedule your ADHD testing in Humble, TX, with Dr. Joseph Brown and our team at Behavioral Solutions of Texas today.

Understanding ADHD

Many people get sidetracked or feel disorganized. In most cases, these feelings are common. However, some people feel hopelessly unfocused, unsettled, or restless. For many of these people, they may be experiencing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Although many people associate ADHD with children, it's common for adults to suffer from this disorder. Although it's critical not to immediately blame ADHD for an adult or child's hyperactivity or restlessness, it may be beneficial to consider ADHD testing to determine if the symptoms are abnormal.

Testing for ADHD

Unfortunately, there is no blood test or X-ray that can definitively diagnose the disorder. To determine if a person has ADHD, a qualified health care professional must use a series of cognitive and medical tests to deliver a diagnosis.  

Since ADHD is different in every person who has the disorder, doctors look for telltale signs of the disorder, especially in children. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Not following through with simple instructions
  • Not listening when spoken to directly
  • Often fails to finish workplace duties or schoolwork
  • Avoids tasks requiring concentrated mental effort
  • Problems organizing activities and tasks
  • Forgetful during daily activities
  • Squirms in a seat, fidgets with hands and feet
  • Talks excessively

These are just some of the symptoms associated with ADHD in adults and children. Unfortunately, many people don't receive a diagnosis until they are adults. For some people, the symptoms start to exceed their ability to cope, which finally requires them to seek help.

To learn more about the ADHD testing process in Humble, TX, contact Dr. Brown and the team at Behavioral Solutions of Texas by calling (281) 713-9004 today.

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