ADHD Signs and Symptoms

ADHD testing can help determine if your child truly has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If so, a treatment plan can be developed to help your child manage ADHD behaviors, such as impulsiveness and inattention. Joseph Brown LCSW-S, psychotherapist and therapist for adolescent and family therapy, BIPP classes, and ADHD testing at Behavioral Solutions of Texas in Humble, TX, provides therapeutic treatment to assist kids with managing ADHD behaviors. 

ADHD Signs and Symptoms 

Three main signs a child might be dealing with ADHD include hyperactive behavior, impulsiveness, and difficulty paying attention. Other common signs and symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Easily distracted 
  • Difficulty sitting still 
  • Short attention span 
  • Excessive fidgeting or talking
  • Making impulsive decisions
  • Difficulty staying focused
  • Poor organizational skills  
  • Forgetfulness 

Tendencies to be impulsive and hyperactive can lead to problematic behaviors that make it difficult for kids with ADHD to experience success in school and other settings. For example, difficulty sitting still for extended periods prompts some kids to get up and wander around during class. Children with ADHD might also be disruptive in class, fail to complete tasks, or not follow instructions.

ADHD Testing  

ADHD testing aids in diagnosing or ruling out the disorder. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible means treatment can begin promptly. Several different types of tests can be used to screen for ADHD. The psychotherapist and therapist for adolescent and family therapy, BIPP classes, and ADHD testing at our Humble, TX, office will discuss the different testing options with you. Types of ADHD tests include:

  • Interview or questionnaire - used to gather more information about your child’s specific behaviors and activity level 
  • Behavioral test - measures behavior by comparing to the behaviors of other kids the same age 
  • Psychological test - measures intelligence and thinking 

The Therapeutic Process  

Treating ADHD can have a positive impact in the different areas of your child’s life, including school performance and peer interactions. The therapeutic process can be used to help individuals change their thinking and behavior. For kids with ADHD, therapy helps them learn to manage common ADHD behaviors, such as impulsiveness, as well as strong emotions, such as anger. Learning to change thinking and behaviors can lead to more positive experiences and interactions with others.

If you are interested in ADHD testing, we can help. Joseph Brown, LCSW-S, is a skilled psychotherapist and therapist who offers adolescent and family therapy, BIPP classes, and ADHD testing in Humble, TX. Schedule an appointment to discuss ADHD testing and therapy by calling Behavioral Solutions of Texas at (281) 713-9004.

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