What Are BIPP Classes?

You may not realize how common domestic violence is and that there are ways to correct violent tendencies that affect your relationships. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program, also known as BIPP, is a program that provides patients with the tools that they need to promote healthy relationships and conflict-free resolutions. Dr. Joseph Brown at Behavioral Solutions of Texas in Humble, TX, can explain what BIPP classes are and how they can help improve your relationships and your overall wellbeing and life.

What are BIPP Classes?

BIPP classes from your therapist in Humble, TX, provide a program that can help manage your violent and aggressive behaviors that can put your relationships with others at harm. Whether this is court appointed or something you’ve decided on your own, BIPP can provide you with the resolutions that help you avoid conflict and manage negative and violent tendencies.

BIPP is offered in a group format and provides you with a welcoming and judgement-free environment where you can share your concerns and issues while addressing violent behaviors and relationship issues. You can get guidance and support from a community that understands what you may be going through. The point of these classes is to learn from one another and find ways to recognize violent behaviors that impact your relationships.

After a session, you may be assigned homework that can help you improve on these behaviors and continue to learn. With the help of expert counselors, you can learn to identify behaviors in your life that may indicate an unhealthy relationship.

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Find out how you can improve your relationships by getting rid of toxic and violent behaviors in your life. Contact. Dr. Joseph Brown at Behavioral Solutions of Texas in Humble, TX, to learn more about BIPP classes and how you might benefit from them. Call for more information today at (281) 713-9004.

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