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Become a “HANDS ON” Parent

Is your child exhibiting oppositional, aggressive, and antisocial behavior? Behavioral Solutions of Texas 8-Week Parenting course will give you the tools to address these challenging behaviors in children while building positive behaviors.

Based on Alan Kazdin’s Parent Management Training, This course will help you learn where and why some challenges may arise and provides an overview of parenting skills that are necessary to target each issue and how to best go about overcoming them. 

This course covers a wide range of topics including behavior reinforcement, positive discipline, and creating a nurturing environment.

Below is the curriculum:

Week 1: Use of Therapeutic Praise

Week 2: ABC’s of Parenting-Antecedents

Week 3: ABC’s of Parenting-Behavior

Week 4: ABC’s of Parenting-Consequences

Week 5: Troubleshooting

Week 6: Adaptations for Adolescents

Week 7: Creating a Nurturing Environment

Week 8: Review and Conclusion

This course target parents as an audience, however, it can also be useful for caretakers, grandparents, and teachers. This is a course that will help strengthen your relationship with your children and provide a foundation to make parenting a little easier with consistency.


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